Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our 8-day Altai Mountain Hiking Tour, a journey that will take you deep into the heart of one of the world’s most pristine and breathtaking natural wonders. The Altai Mountains, a hidden gem of Mongolia, offer a landscape of unparalleled beauty with rugged peaks, pristine alpine lakes, and rich biodiversity.

This tour is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who crave an authentic wilderness experience. With experienced guides leading the way, you’ll explore remote trails, encounter unique flora and fauna, and witness awe-inspiring vistas.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a novice, this tour promises an immersive journey through the untamed wilderness of the Altai Mountains, providing a genuine connection with nature and memories that will last a lifetime.

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We will pick you up and reach the hotel. Then, a city tour will be held

Ulaanbaatar city is the capital of Mongolia. It’s in the Tuul River valley, bordering the Bogd Khan Uul National Park. Originally a nomadic Buddhist center, it became a permanent site in the 18th century.

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel. Spend the remaining morning at leisure and take a guided tour of Ulaanbaatar city. National history museum displaying traditional costumes and introducing the turbulent history of the Mongolian nation. In the evening will be held a show of traditional music, throat singing and contortion. Welcome dinner in one of best restaurants of the city. (hotel B/L/D)

Elsen Tasarkhai is your next stop. Located 300 km west of Ulaanbaatar and 80 km east of Karakorum, and this area is a small sequence of real desert in the midst of green steppes. Also ride camels proposed by familes of this area. There you will be with nomadic family and know the life style of the nomads. B/L/D

Overnight with nomad’s family.

Orkhon waterfall, also called Ulaan Tsutgalan, is one of the best sights in central Mongolia. About 25m downstream from the waterfall you can climb down to the bottom of the gorge; 22m deep and dotted with pine trees. Approximately 20.000 years ago, the waterfall was formed due to earthquake and merged from volcanic eruptions. However, the water doesn’t run all year and will only start to flow after the first good summer rain. Best time to see it is late July and August.

Orkhon River itself is the longest river in Mongolia with length of 1124 kilometers (709 miles). It originates in Khangai Mountain Range and merges to Selenge River, eventually reaching Lake Baikal. The Orkhon has many species of fish like the pike, Siberian sturgeon, taimen, Asian common asp, Siberian grayling, roach etc. For its historical value related to Great Mongolian Empire, Orkhon river Valley is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has been protected since 2006 as a National Park. B/L/D

Overnight in the tourist camp.

There are in Arkhangai many old volcanos, which explains the presence of this hot water source that flows all year long at 1860 metres (1,16 mile) above the sea level in the sum of Tsenkher. The water is at 85,5°C (185,9°F). In a pleasant verdant wooded area, some yurts camps with equipment and baths with a less hot temperature have been set up for the travellers, but also for the nomads and the inhabitants of Ulan Bator who are very keen on these baths. Tsenkher hot springs have healing properties notably on articular diseases and nervous system’s diseases. Composition: sodium carbonate, hydrocarbonate, sulfate, fluorite, hydrogen sulfide.

You can choose where to stay but we would like suggest of having a tourist camp with hot springs to feel satisfied. B/L/D

Time to explore one of the biggest (freshwater) lakes of Mongolia. Drive to Ugii lake, a stopover point for more than 150 species of migrating water birds. Ugii lake is also renowned for its fishing, and is rich in Perch and Pike. Also it is enthusiastic for swimming, sunbathing, horse and camel-back riding around the lake.

Make sure to keep your camera and binoculars handy for spotting and documenting rare bird life. There are several ger tourist camps around the lake to stay overnight, as well as information and training center but we will stay in the nomads family.  A tourist camp for overnight. B/L/D

The Mongolian Government declared Hustai National Park as a Specially Protected Area in 1993, one year after the initiation of the reintroduction project of the Takhi (Przewalski’s horse) to the Hustain Nuruu. The HNP extends through the Khentii Mountains and includes the western edge of the Mongolian steppe at the boundaries of Altanbulag, Argalant and Bayankhangai Soums of Töv Province. The park is about 100 km from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to the west.

The HNP covers 50,600 ha land which is home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms. 44 species of mammals have been recorded, including Altai wapiti, Mongolian gazelle, roe deer, wild boar, wild sheep, ibex, Mongolian marmots, grey wolf, Eurasian lynx, Pallas’s cat, red fox, corsac fox and Eurasian badger. The 217 species of birds include golden eagle, lammergeier, great bustard, whooper swan, black stork, Daurian partridge and little owl.

There are 16 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians, and 385 species of insects (including 21 species of ants, 55 species of butterflies, 10 species of bush crickets and 29 species of grasshoppers). A new species of soil insect has been found in the Hustai and given the scientific name of Epidamaeus khustaiensis.

In 2002, the Man and the Biosphere Reserves organization of UNESCO certified the HNP as a member of the world biosphere network of natural reserves. The HNPT was enrolled as a member of IUCN in 2007.

Overnight at the tourist camp B/L/D

Overnight at the hotel, go shopping for cashmere and others B/L/D

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  • All accommodation (twin shared)
  • 2 nights in 4* hotel in Ulaanbaatar
  • 1 night in gers/yurts
  • Overnights in tests for 6 nights
  • All transfers including arrival & departure
  • Internal flights
  • Indicated meals (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner)
  • Visits & national park fees
  • Camping equipment
  • English speaking local hiking guide+the trip main guide(s)
  • Expedition professional cook(s)

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  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks, Meals not indicated
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tips etc…
  • Excess luggage fees on the internal flights

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DURATION: 8 day 7 night


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