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Steppe wind tour  – the team of local travel experts organizing discovery & adventure oriented tours for groups, families and friendsas well as for individuals. We offer tours that cover best travel places, must-see attractions of Mongolian land. Our tours are unique on their own way. Each tour has different routes and much more exciting places to visit, experience.     


The most important thing of your “long planned adventure” is choosing your travel company. That is why you have to choose the best travel company that offers well service! 



It is our spirit of travel. Our moto is “Adventure Time!”. Imagine immersing yourself traveling through ragged mountains, feeling freedom on rolling steppes, wandering through wild Taiga forests, discovering dinosaur territory, the mysterious Gobi Desert, paddling on waters, encountering with wild mammals and facing one of the coldest winters on earth, with guides who have over twenty years of experience will thrill you. This is our value and what we do for adventurers!


It is our identity of travel.  Who can imagine travel without pictures. We create “Photos of Mongolia”. Our tours and expeditions bring you to Mongolia’s most extraordinary destinations in right times, led by professional guides who will inspire you.


It is our philosophy of travel. It can be said that meeting and staying with local nomads is the reason why culture travelers choose Mongolia. We spread “Culture of Mongolia”, the living heritages of our ancestors. Imagine visiting the world’s most hospitable people, the Mongolian nomads and experiencing their centuries old traditions, lifestyle and diverse ethnicity with local travel specialists who will educate you. This is our value and what we do for travelers!