The Steppe wind travel agency have joined hands with a random act of kindness activists’ movement. The NPO Lantuun Dohio have organized an event to raise a fund for an unfortunate family of two. The mother and son were in heavy violence under the head of the family for a extended period of time. He was abusing his power too much on his family and was always drunk said the mother when we had a talk with her.

When we and the members of the NPO Lantuun Dohio met the family, father had already gone. But we did not expect to see a son with bruisers all over his body and a mother in much worse condition with few broken fingers. All of their belongings had been burnt along with their yurt.

Our travel agency helped to spread the news about the condition of the family and showed our support to the mother and son.

Steppe wind travel agency had presented brand new yurt to the family and the NPO Lantuun Dohio have provided full furniture. Many individuals and other organizations have joined the right cause and showed their respect unconditionally to the family of two.

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