Embark on a soul-stirring journey with our Gobi Tour, a transcendent odyssey that whisks you away to the heart of Mongolia’s fabled Gobi Desert. Immerse yourself in a realm of boundless horizons and surreal beauty, where towering sand dunes meet hidden oases, rugged canyons converge with the tranquil expanse of the renowned “Flaming Cliffs,” and cityscapes echo with the tales of a rich cultural tapestry.

Begin your adventure with a City Tour, exploring the historical landmarks and cultural gems of Mongolia’s vibrant capital. From there, venture into the Gobi Desert, carefully curated to blend adventure and relaxation. Delve into the unique desert landscape while luxuriating in the enchanting serenity of the Gobi. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer, a nature aficionado, or simply yearning for a getaway like no other, our Gobi Desert Tour ensures an unforgettable experience, forging a profound connection with the mesmerizing allure of this extraordinary desert.

Join us for a journey that transcends the ordinary, promising an adventure that resonates with the captivating beauty of this remarkable desert landscape.

What’s Included


Hostels, guest houses & hotels

Adventure Leader

Epic Adventure Leaders

Local transport

All transport


Tonnes of activities included.
Optional activities can be added.

Full itinerary

General tour around the city with an explanation from the guide. We will visit some places which hold deep historical value and connection to the city, and its people. We will visit interesting museums, art galleries, and giant statues of Buddha and enjoy a traditional meal at one of the best ethnic restaurants in the capital city.

At the start of day two, we will get up early and travel to Flaming Cliffs. It is a landscape of red sediments, with canyons escarpments, and sand dunes below. It is a famous paleontological site, where dinosaur bones and eggs were discovered. The excavation site was visited by many famous scientists and archeologists, and to this day many mysteries have yet to be discovered. We will also visit the Bayanzag park where you can see some of the discoveries found within the site and even buy key chains and other accessories.

The goal and location of our next destination is Khongor sand dune. It is considered one of the largest sand dunes recorded in Mongolia. Our activity will include going to the green river shore, climbing sand dunes, and visiting nomad families to rent some camels to travel around the dunes. The best view is left at nighttime, you can see so many stars without any clouds curtaining your view.

Today we will be moving to Yol Valley. The valley is in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range. The mountain range stretches over 10km. The valley has a very narrow path that only 3 or 4 people can go through it. The deep part of the valley is hidden from direct sunlight; therefore, you can sometimes find different shapes of ice formation. As part of the tour, we will be visiting the local museum. It has all the information about the surrounding

After having breakfast, we will be heading to Dalanzadgad city to get on an airplane and fly back to the capital city. Then our guide will and the driver will take you to your hotel and let you have a brief rest. You will be given a choice between having lunch in the capital city or moving to Chingis Khan Statue and having it there. The statue itself is 40 meters tall and it is considered the world’s tallest equestrian statue. You can get up on top of the statue by entering the complex and walking by stairs through the statue’s chest and neck. You can take photos by wearing traditional clothes inside the complex. The costumes can vary from normal traditional clothing to fully armored military uniforms. If you choose to wear the military uniform, please be advised that it can weigh a bit. Also, if you wear the king and queen’s costumes as well. 

Today will be the last day of our journey. You will be given two options just like the previous day. It is either visit the central stadium for a moment then move to Khui Doloon Khudag where the horse racing takes place or visit various stores for a shopping spree. Whichever you choose your wish is our command.

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Tour Details

Price included: 

  • Guide
  • Hotels
  • Tourist camps
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Horse and camel riding
  • Horse guide
  • Entry fees for monasteries Museums National parks
  • Tickets of entertainments and camels and horse racing
  • Cultural performance

Price excluded

  • International airfare ticket
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Emergency land rescue if required
  • Tips etc…

Tour Price

1 person – 1070$

2 person – 2140$

DURATION: 6 days 5 nights


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