The Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is a unique and mesmerizing celebration of Mongolian culture and the ancient art of eagle hunting. Nestled in the rugged beauty of Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, this festival brings together skilled Kazakh eagle hunters and their majestic golden eagles in a breathtaking display of tradition and heritage.

Witness awe-inspiring eagle hunting competitions, as eagles swoop down from the skies to capture their prey with astonishing precision. And visit eagle hunter family and be captivated by the bond between these remarkable hunters and their majestic golden eagles at the Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival.

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Take a domestic flight to Ulgii town in the morning. Ulgii is the center of Bayan-Ulgii province where 90% of the population is Kazakhs who have their own language and unique culture. Meet local drivers with vehicles and then visit the local museums to know more about this place. Overnight in Tourist camp. (L/D)

Drive to Sagsai to visit the Eagle hunter’s family to learn about their daily lifestyle, eagle hunting culture. Then return to Ulgii. Overnight in Tourist camp. (B/L/D)

The first day of Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival is to experience culture and lifestyle of nomadic eagle hunters. Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia have been living in both pastoral and eagle falconry living ways. Pastoral living is summer time, eagle falconry living in winter time. This kind of lifestyle makes them a true nomadic eagle falconers and heritage keepers in this modern world. Today we will learn all about their life and culture. The procedure of assembly of Kazak Ger (yurt) and the Migration of nomadic family will be the highlights of the first day of the festival. (B/L/D)

The second day of Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival starts with its opening parades and competitions for costuming and hunting techniques. This is the day of eagle hunting competitions. The eagle hunters try to land their eagles on their hands, eagles release from the top of the mountain, and points are given for their speed and gripping ability. The eagle chases fox skins dragged by their masters on horseback. Other events, such as Tenge-Ilu (Coin grabbing while riding a horse), the best costume competition, Kokbar (Thug of War), and Kizkhuar (Traditional Khazak Couples Game) take place. Festival winners are announced at the closing ceremony. Stay overnight in Tourist camp. (B/L/D)

We head to Ulaanbaatar city after the last of the festival.

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DURATION: 4 nights and 5 days


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